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Are you seeking a permanent solution for missing teeth? Look no further than O’Brien, Molloy & Delaney, the leading dental implant specialists in Galway.

Our expertise lies in the precise placement and meticulous management of dental implants. Crafted from top-grade titanium, these artificial tooth roots are surgically inserted into your jaw, serving as a sturdy foundation for replacement teeth or bridges.

At our state-of-the-art dental implant clinic in Galway, we’ve transformed smiles for countless patients across Ireland. Whether you require a single dental implant or a complete full mouth rehabilitation, trust our skilled team to deliver exceptional results.

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Know How We Make You Smile with Our Dental Implants in Galway

At our state-of-the-art Dental Implants Galway Clinic, we specialize in restoring your smile’s beauty and functionality. Dental implants are the ultimate solution for those who have lost teeth due to caries, periodontal disease, trauma, or any other reason.

Our skilled dental implant specialists use titanium screws surgically placed in the jawbone to securely hold your replacement tooth or bridge. The entire dental implant surgery is performed under local anesthesia, ensuring a painless experience. For those feeling nervous, we offer sedation options to put your mind at ease.

Following the procedure, you may experience minor discomfort for a few days, but it’s all part of the journey towards your new smile. During the healing phase, our clinic provides temporary teeth or dentures that not only maintain your aesthetics but also restore functionality.

Choose Dental Implants Galway Clinic for your smile transformation today. Rediscover confidence and comfort with our top-notch dental implant services in Ireland.

Dental Implants Galway

Let Our Dental Implant Specialist Recover Your Smile with Bone Grafting

Are you tired of hiding your smile because of missing teeth? Imagine the freedom of confidently sharing your joy with the world. At Dental Implants Galway, we understand your desire for a perfect smile, and we’re here to make that dream a reality. Our cutting-edge dental implant clinic in Ireland specializes in restoring your smile with the artistry of bone grafting.

Our team of skilled dental implant specialists is committed to transforming your life by giving you back the confidence you deserve. Whether you need a single dental implant or a full mouth restoration, our experts have the experience and dedication to deliver exceptional results.

Say goodbye to the limitations of missing teeth and hello to a brighter, happier you. Take the first step towards your new smile with us today!

Enhance Your Oral Health with Socket Preservation at Our Dental Implants Galway Clinic

Are you considering dental implants but concerned about the loss of bone structure after a tooth extraction? At O’Brien, Molloy & Delaney Dental Implants Galway Clinic, our experienced dental implant specialists have the perfect solution for you!

When a tooth is extracted, the bone that supports it begins to diminish rapidly. This reduction in bone can pose a challenge when it comes to placing dental implants. To address this issue, our skilled team employs a technique known as “socket preservation.”

Socket preservation involves placing high-quality bone graft material into the empty socket immediately after the tooth extraction. Over the following months, this bone graft material matures and transforms into native bone. This innovative procedure ensures that there is sufficient bone density for the successful placement of dental implants in the future.

Choose O’Brien, Molloy & Delaney as your next Dental Implants Galway Clinic for cutting-edge dental implant surgery and enjoy the benefits of strong, long-lasting dental implants.

Level Your Bone Height with Sinus Bone Grafting at Our Dental Implants in Ireland

Are you tired of struggling with missing teeth and seeking a dental implant specialist in Galway, Ireland? Look no further! Our dental implant clinic in Galway is here to serve you. We understand the challenges you face when missing teeth reduce your bone height, making traditional dental implants seem impossible. That’s why we specialize in advanced procedures like sinus bone grafts, designed to cater to your unique needs.

Whether you’re experiencing tooth loss due to aging, accidents, or any other reason, our expert dental implant surgery team is here to help. We offer safe and successful sinus bone graft procedures that create a solid foundation for your dental implants. If you have minimal bone availability, we provide both internal and external sinus lift options, ensuring that no obstacle stands between you and your confident smile.

Know How Exactly We Do Sinus Bone Grafting at Our Dental Implants Galway Clinic

Understanding the Cause

Every individual has air sinuses within the bone structure of their upper jaw, and these sinuses are located above the rear teeth. In many cases, the roots of these teeth extend into the sinus cavity. However, when these teeth are extracted, the sinus cavity can gradually enlarge and encroach upon the space where the teeth used to be. This reduction in available bone height can pose a challenge when it comes to placing dental implants in Galway.

The Treatment Approach

To address this issue, a specialized procedure known as a sinus bone graft is employed. This procedure involves creating a small access hole in the bone above the sinus, allowing for the delicate elevation of the thin tissue or membrane lining the inside of the sinus cavity. Subsequently, bone graft material is carefully placed into the space beneath this membrane. Afterward, the area is sealed and given time to heal, usually spanning several months. During this healing period, the bone graft matures, and new bone forms, providing a suitable foundation for the placement of dental implants by a dental implant specialist.

The Optimal Solution

Sinus grafting is a highly effective technique that enables the secure and successful placement of dental implants, particularly in the posterior section of the upper jaw where natural bone might be lacking. In situations where there is still some bone present to support the implant, it may even be possible to combine the implant placement and the sinus graft into a single procedure, known as an internal or simultaneous sinus lift.

In more severe cases where bone availability is minimal, an external sinus lift is performed as a separate procedure. The choice between these approaches will be discussed thoroughly by our dental implant surgeons, who will recommend the most suitable treatment option tailored to your specific case.

Get Expert Implant Restoration at Our Dental Implants Galway Clinic

The dental implant is a titanium screw placed in the jawbone. This implant or screw is then used to hold a crown or tooth.

Once the implant has successfully integrated into the bone, an impression is taken of that implant which allows our laboratory to make a porcelain crown or tooth.

Here at O’Brien Molloy & Delaney, we use an intraoral scanner that takes a virtual ‘’impression’’ of your mouth and the implant.

This information is then digitally passed to the dental lab. This technology has done away with the old impressions of the past where a putty material was used to take a record of the mouth, making it more comfortable for you.

Once the crown is returned from the lab, it is screwed into position on the implant underneath.

Single tooth implant Galway

Single implants

A single implant is a dental implant used to hold a single tooth or crown.

Multiple implants

Where multiple adjacent teeth are missing in the mouth, multiple implants can be used to hold a ‘bridge’ or many teeth linked together.

This negates the need for natural teeth to be prepped or ground down, the traditional way to make a bridge using natural teeth.

Dental Implants Galway
Dental Implants Galway

Full arch implants – fixed and removable

In this scenario, a full arch of teeth, either upper or lower jaw, can be replaced with multiple implants holding a bridge or a denture.

This will require a minimum of 2 implants to hold a denture up to 6 implants to hold a full arch of ‘fixed’ teeth in the upper jaw

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